August 07, 2013
Musical Scales and Chords Visualizer
Does C-flat seem un-natural to you? Are you mixed up with mixolydian modes? Augment your knowledge with this major-ly helpful visualizer: Scales & Chords Visualizer...Read More
Marco Vitanza
March 09, 2013
Fundamentals of Music Theory
How does music work? Check out this short sequence of lessons to understand the basics: Fundamentals of Music Theory...Read More
Marco Vitanza
August 19, 2012
Draw and Filter Images with Javascript
With the introduction of the canvas element in HTML5, it's possible to manipulate on-screen pixels in the browser using Javascript. Click here to try it out. If you're feeling adventurous, you can even write your own filter....Read More
Marco Vitanza
October 27, 2011
Analog and Digital Filter Designers
Design an analog filter by experimenting with the s-plane poles and zeros of a transfer function. Remember, the poles of a causal filter must be strictly in the left half of the complex s-plane. You can also try pre-made Butterworth and Chebyshev low...Read More
Marco Vitanza
October 07, 2011
Complex Frequency Visualizers
When analyzing continuous-time linear systems, the Laplace transform is used to work with signals in the frequency domain. The Laplace transform can be thought of as the Fourier transform generalized to complex frequencies. X(s) = L{x(t)} = integr...Read More
Marco Vitanza