June 03, 2008
Yahoo SearchMonkey Has Arrived
by Marco Vitanza

Lately, I've been playing around with Yahoo SearchMonkey, the cool new search platform which can enhance and augment Yahoo's search results. Anyone can create a SearchMonkey app, which is basically a snippet of PHP code that pipes in information from multiple data services and outputs some HTML. After you install a SearchMonkey app (from Yahoo's gallery), the app will be triggered by certain URLs in the results page of a Yahoo search, and will either replace the default result with an enhanced format or add a small button under the result (called an Infobar) that you can click to view the app's output.

Here are a few apps that I've made which have been accepted into Yahoo's gallery:

Here are the MTV and Digg apps in action:

MTV Artist Info app Enhanced Digg Story app

In a later post I'll walk through the steps I took to create my Blogspot app, to give an idea of what the development process looks like, and how SearchMonkey works behind the scenes.

Comment by Taimi on September 10, 2011 at 06:08am
I feel satisiefd after reading that one.

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