April 11, 2009
Cellular Automata BMP utility
by Marco Vitanza
Yet another cellular automata utility -- this time it's a cross-platform C file: BMPautomata.c. Here's how to run it in OS X and get a nifty image like the background here: http://twitter.com/vitanza.
  1. Download the file to your desktop.
  2. Open up Terminal (ahh scary!). It should be in Applications/Utilities.
  3. Type
    cd Desktop
    and press enter.
  4. Type
    gcc BMPautomata.c -o BMPautomata
    and press enter. You should not get any warnings or errors.
  5. You're ready to run it. Type
    and press enter. You should see the usage line.
  6. Now let's run it for real. Type
    ./BMPautomata 90 800 400 > test.bmp
    and press enter. This says to run rule 90 and output a 800x400 image.
  7. Take a peek on your desktop. There should be a shiny new file named test.bmp. Go on, open it. As you can see, the default colors are black/white.
A few notes: The -r flag is optional and acts to turn on random initial conditions. The foreground and background colors are optional and can be specified as 6-char hex colors: RRGGBB.
Comment by Shauni on October 17, 2012 at 10:18am
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